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What is Urban Art? That's hard to define, for as soon as you think you know what it is, you see another form of it which changes everything. Is it modern art made in the city. Maybe. But it is more than that. We explore the various forms of urban art and the personalities that create it. People like Robin Van Arsdol...

From the graffitied walls of Soho, NY to the fashionable streets of Milan, Italy, Robin VanArsdol (R.V.) is well known throughout the art world. His symbolic imagery reveals an inner passion to share his fears, thoughts and hope for humanity. Using naive silhouette images, R.V. produces works of art that express social commentary.

In the late 1970's and early '80's, the "Graffiti Movement" began to emerge. R.V. found this a perfect vehicle to express his aggressive and opinionated style. The active streets of New York City sparked this desire to express himself with bold and combative murals in creating public art.

Using pure defiance, driven by his need to be seen, R.V. created over 5,000 public murals on the streets of New York City over a six year period (1982 -1987). His prolific and symbolic images established him as a major player in the Street Art Movement.

Diversity of Urban Art is produced entirely by students.  It is a production of Orlando Television, the Digital Video Production department of Orlando Tech. It is shot entirely in full High Definition and edited with Final Cut Pro. Orlando Tech is an Apple Authorized Training Center, offering training in all the applications in the Apple video editing package.